“The unique ability of radio to deliver local coverage means that we would be able to tie-in a lot of the marketing activities for our brands” Arpita Menon


Executive Vice President & Head Media Planning and Buying, STAR, India deliberates on how radio is set to gain in the year ahead, even though it would require marketing professionals to better understand the medium, and follow a made-for-radio approach…

What are your expectations from marketing spends this year as the conversation of optimism continues in the Indian economy?

Marketing spends in India will grow in the year ahead – everything points in that direction. At the same time, there will be increased focus on return on investment for most players.

What are some of the challenges, and opportunities, that you foresee in the year ahead?

The changes in the measurement system and its implication on our business would be the most significant factor right now. Also consolidation of the digital content platform and therefore closer tabs on what’s driving growth in the digital world, especially mobile, is going to be an important area to watch out and plan for.

For media such as radio, and Phase III finally round the corner do you see radio
gaining potential and marketing budgets shifting in that direction?

I definitely see radio benefiting from this change. Especially with an increased focus beyond key metros, and with the change in measurement, radio will be able to attract more marketing monies in the year.

How are you viewing radio as a medium, given newer kinds of ad formats, creative solutions and content integration that it is allowing?

Despite some of these benefits, radio is facing certain issues. The biggest of these is that few agencies understand the medium. The extension of mainline television creatives to radio is killing it even more! Radio needs an approach that can leverage the nuances of the medium and benefit the brand in the process. Also, digital is supplanting radio as the medium to reach out to youth. That’s where the biggest threat would be from
for the radio industry

What are some other plans you may have to utilise radio this year as a marketing medium?

The unique ability of radio to deliver local coverage means that we would be able to tie-in a lot of the marketing activities for our brands. In fact most radio stations have backward integrated and have activation teams and can therefore offer an end-to-end solution. From a marketer standpoint, this is essential right now.

The year 2015 has the promises of a landmark year in many ways for media – as a marketer, what are your expectations from your partners in achieving your objectives?

The delivery on brand goals and meaningful shifts in brand metrics, whether it’s reach or engagement – for me, that is the most important area where I look forward to more from our partners.


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