AMIDST intense Net neutrality debate in India, social media player Facebook unveiled its app to aid small businesses in India and challenge Airtel Zero in an indirect fashion. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, shared his concern over free and fair ac­cess of the Internetto all classes across the society. was launched in view of people’s disagreement with Airtel’s marketing tool for marketers as the platform allowed consumers to browse only those websites for free that had exclusive partnership with its marketing platform-Airtel Zero.

“Our goal with is to work with as many developers and entrepre­neurs as possible to extend the benefits of connectivity to diverse, local com­munities. To do this, we’re going to offer servicesthrough inaway that’s more transparent and inclusive,” Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post.

In order to qualify as an entity, businesses ought to meet three criteria in terms of offerings, ef­ficiency and technical specifications. is positioned to play hostto a large numberof websites and application and advocate non-exclu- sive partnership with mobile operators in its quest to offer free basic Internet services to people. However, Net neau- trality activits feel that it is against the principles of Net neutrality as it allows users to access only those websites that have signed up for the platform, while blocking access to those that did not join the Facebook initiative.

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Binge Watching

ArecentreportbylAB Mobile Marketing Center ofExcellence shows that digital video consumption is up 13 per cent since last year. According to it, r< and music-based TV generates 91 million soda signals a month, and as many as 16 per cent peo] share on social media al the shows they watch.

Twitter Bug Bites

Rahul Gandhi, vice- presidentofthe Indian National Congress party a: chairperson ofthe Indian Youth Congress, gained a staggering27,300follower after settingup andmakinr live his Twitter account. Hi twitter handle @officeofFt was trending with 75,000 followers atthe time of writing this post.

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Flickr, Yahoo’s image and video hosting website, added several attributes to enhance user experience. The platform seeks to make search, access and uploading easier with ‘Uploadrs’ across devices. Further, the ‘Magic View’ feature allows users to organise images and its advanced search technology optimises search.

“These tools will give our community the power to not only access special moments, but uncover the ones they thought were lost,” saidTim Miller, head of Engineering at Flickr.



Chief economist, World Bank “To hove o minimum food buffer stock norm that is never violated is foolish policy. You may as well not hold any buffer.”

Shashi Tharoor @anandmahindra

MP, Thiruvananthapuram “I’d love to see an India where anyone with a good idea and some startup money could take a risk, open a business and succeed withou: government hassles.”


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