Srinagar cop lynching: Mehbooba Mufti warns Kashmiris against abusing ‘restraint shown by police’

Srinagar cop lynching: Mehbooba Mufti warns Kashmiris against abusing ‘restraint shown by police’

Srinagar cop lynching: Mehbooba Mufti warns Kashmiris against abusing ‘restraint shown by police’

NEW DELHI: Although police detained two people in connection with the lynching of a police officer in active duty in Srinagar Friday, J & K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti had strong words for the people of Kashmir: “It is no Is the way to respond to the stress of the police. ”

The prime minister then warned that incidents of this type are not necessarily good for the security situation in Kashmir. He also warned the people of the state to test the patience of the security forces.

“If this is the result of your success, it’s going to be very difficult.” “How long can this last?” I want to tell people, if that happens, we may well go back to the way they were when people ran just seeing a Jeep (police) on the road, “said Mehbooba, according to NNA.

“What could be more embarrassing than this episode … He (pandit) was there to protect people’s lives … The police exercised maximum restraint, people have to understand,” said Mehbooba. “There’s still time for people (to change their behavior), I want to tell them,” she said.
Mehbooba previously presented a wreath over Pandith’s coffin to the district police lines.
Police chief Mohammed Ayub Pandith was sentenced to death on Friday morning by a mob in Srinagar who thought he had shot at a group of people caught being photographed outside Jamia Masjid.

Police sources said TOI Pandith was part of the separatist security network Mirwaiz Umar Farooq implements outside Jamia Masjid, on the religious occasion of Shab-e-Qadr.

Some 10 hours after the incident, general manager J and K Police, SP Vaid said three people accused of being accomplices in the lynching were identified, two of whom were arrested.

“Two people have been arrested, a third identified. They will face the law,” said M. Vaid.
Vaid endorses the Prime Minister’s view of the incident.

“Our policy is one of the best police forces in the country, showing maximum restraint because they believe it is their own people,” he said.
“People must understand the difference between good and evil. Those who protect them, someone on duty was lynched,” added M. Vaid.

Meanwhile, the details of what preceded the lynching are still unclear.
According to police sources, Pandit was seen taking pictures of Jamia Masjid outgoing people in the Nowhatta area around 3 am on Friday.

They said that when people were trying to catch Pandith and stop to take pictures, he would have shot several shots of his pistol, wounding three people.

Shortly after, a group of young people began to beat the police. This group swelled quickly in a mob that stripped the officer before killing him by beating him with stones.

Contradictory reports indicate that Pandith Remate of people have surrounded him and began to attack him.

The incident occurred even as the devotees immersed themselves in the special prayers of Shab-e-Qadr within Jamia Masjid.

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