No tapes after all: Trump says he didn’t record Comey talks

No tapes after all: Trump says he didn’t record Comey talks

No tapes after all: Trump says he didn’t record Comey talks

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said Thursday he never did and has no record of his private talks with former FBI director James Comey fallen, ending a guessing game for months that began with a cryptic tweet and he cut down Its administration more controversy.

“With all electronic surveillance recently reported, interceptions, unmasking and illegal information leakage,” Trump said in his latest tweets, he has “no idea” that there are “or” tapes record conversations between the two men. However, he stated that “he did not and does not, such records.”

This leaves open the possibility that the recordings had been made without their knowledge or by another person. But it seemed largely narrow of the saga that began in May, a few days after the Comey baking, then head for an investigation into Trump links associated with Russian officials.

Trump disputed version of Comey a supper in January in which the director said that the president had requested a promise of fidelity.

Trump responded to that point, through Twitter, that Comey “best hope there are no” cassettes “of our conversation before it begins to seep into the press!

This apparently angry missile triggered a series of consequences, each heavier than the previous one. Comey suggested that the tweet prompted him to ask a colleague to convey damaging information to the media.

The resulting information reports have pressured a senior Justice Department to appoint an independent prosecutor to oversee the investigation in Russia. This special board should now investigate Trump’s own actions in an investigation that could present his presidency in the foreseeable future.

Trump’s statement now that there are no recordings seems to solve a key dynamic in this survey: now it’s the President’s word against Comey banknotes.

Without records, Comey’s version of his talks with Trump, which he has documented at the time, shared with close associates and testified before Congress, can play a key role because prosecutors consider whether Trump exerted appropriate pressure on the law to abandon research Of Michael Flynn’s former national security adviser.

Researchers also enjoy Comey’s credibility against a president who has demonstrated a vague commitment with accuracy.

The revelation Thursday came a day before a deadline to broadcast bands from the House Intelligence Committee.

The calendar has drawn attention to the publication of the Senate health care bill, which the White House hopes Trump offers a much needed legislative victory to increase its number of bent surveys.

Trump tweets, old and new, have left many confused as to whether there was a pattern or strategy behind the whole affair. The president seemed to enjoy mystery gin and journalists in Washington about the possibility that there were a lot of conversations in the Oval Office surreptitiously recorded.

“I think he was in his instinctive way trying to catch Comey,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Trump tweets confidant before Thursday.

“He’s not a professional politician who does not come back and thinks of Nixon and the Watergate. His instinct is:” I’m going to bluff. ”

Trump’s earlier suggestion on the tapes mentioned the White House’s secret recordings that led to the fall of Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal. Under a post-Watergate law, the Presidential Archives Act, the recordings made by the presidents belong to the people and, finally, can be made public.

Destruction would be a crime.
But the episode scared defenders and assistants Trump, who for weeks have dodged questions about the records.

Advisors who regularly speak Trump said he had not mentioned the existence of gangs during their talks. More than half a dozen help said they had no knowledge of the recording devices. They all demanded anonymity to discuss private talks with the president.

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