Besides continuing to build the brand, PHD APAC’s big focus in 2015 will be to drive growth. The year, which also marks the 25th anniversary of the agency globally, is critical for the agency in the APAC region — during the year it aims to mon­etise the reputation it earned in 2014. Susana Tsui, CEO of PHD APAC, talks to Shubhi Tandon about the plans for 2015:

IN AS IA, it is only eight years now that PHD has been a brand of some traction. But the 25-year milestone that the agency recently reached has its own implications for the region too.

“It is a major milestone for the network, but for us, it is also important, because we have seen the agency really take off in the last few years. We cannot call ourselves a start-up any more. When I first started, it was about building the product and re-ogranis- ing ourselves for future proofing, which for us has a whole different mean­ing than it would for an
older agency,” observes Susana Tsui, chief execu­tive, PHD APAC.

According to Tsui,

PHD’s young age also means it is the agency of the future. “Because we don’t have the size or the legacy, which has its up­side, we could jump right in and become the agency of the future. One of the key things is to infuse digital inside the agency. We do not have digital teams, which is typical of agencies that are catching up and still living by old set-ups. Our teams are built with digital components across, which is in line with new client

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