How to Prepare for the IPS Exam at home

UPSC conducts IPS entrance examination for the recruitment of candidates in the Indian Police Service. Those clarifying this exam will also clarify the interview and physical fitness test.

Structure of the IPS access test
The IPS exam will have two parts. They are the preliminary examination and the main examination.
Preliminary includes two elements:
The General Study Paper – This article will cover 150 points.

IPS Entrance Examination Curriculum

Students will prepare for all of the subjects listed below. A point must be made to cover all required areas.
Quantitative capacity
Verbal ability

Thinking skills

General awareness

Both documents will be of objective type. Students can write the test in Hindi or English. The program will be the graduates level.
The important review will include the following documents.
Paper I – An indigenous language – this will bring 300 brands
Paper II – English – This will bring 300 brands
Paper III – Test – This will bring 200 brands
Document IV and V – General Studies – This will bring 300 points
Paper VI-IX – Two optional subjects – Each article will cover 300 brands
Each of these documents will last 3 hours.

Reference books for the IPS access test

UPSC Studies Civil Services general preliminary examination
Upkars Deputy Commanders of the Central Police Forces of UPSC
Otherwise, they may refer to books for other similar entrance exams.

Study Plan for the Entrance Exam to IPS

IPS exam can be very difficult if the candidate is not prepared. The candidate must know the news and events of the Indian economy. In addition, several other topics will also be studied. To prepare for their exams, candidates can read guides, magazines, newspapers and even watch television for important news. Reading English newspapers helps students settle in the English language.
Candidates who remove the review will be physically and physically tested. After that, they must be present for a personal interview.

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