Court battles show Nasa not ready for polls, says Uhuru

Court battles show Nasa not ready for polls, says Uhuru

Court battles show Nasa not ready for polls, says Uhuru

Accepting to participate in the elections when my exact term has expired about six months ago is proof that Jubilee is ready for the ballot boxes, “he said.

The president said he wanted to be annoying, he would have used the courts to assert that he has served four and a half years instead of a full five year term.


“But that is not compatible with the spirit of the Constitution. Opposition leaders who adhere to themselves as Democrats should know,” he said in Lodwar.

It was not logical, said the head of state, that NASA had no problem with printing the ballots for the MCA, parliamentarians, women’s representatives, senators and g, but only those of the presidential candidates .

“We should have time to continue with those who are willing to challenge and those who are not prepared should wait until 2022 to deal with M. Ruto for the presidential seat,” he said.

President Kenyatta criticized NASA to accept the change in “the appearance of false promises,” saying that they had nothing new to offer, since they were also in power and have nothing done to develop the country.


“For more than 35 years of service in government, they were ministers, vice president and prime minister. Why is not it called the change they meet for now?” Have you wondered.

The president, accompanied by Vice President William Ruto and other leaders of Jubilee County, said it would be unfair for Kenyans to oppose the crumbling of the August ballot boxes for their selfish interests.

Commenting on the election poll, M. Ruto said: “Where is the independence of the judiciary when judges are close to those who have business with us are appointed to preside over the business? They help us understand what happens when judges Designated they say they are uncomfortably biased. ”
The DP thanked Supreme Court Chief Justice David Maraga who has said he has not asked the team polls not to print the ballot papers for the presidential election, but said “I should have done it right away, it was reported and we could Have avoided what we have today in the country. ” Ruto said that there were judges who had shown political bias in the case.

President Kenyatta and Ruto M. emphasized that Turkana has benefited from development projects by the government as in other parts of the country.

“The first Turkana paved street was built when my father was in power and my government is rehabilitating.

We are working on more than 650 km of road in Turkana county, even in cities as far away as Lokitaung, “said the president.
M. Ruto said the Lodwar-Lorugum road and the Lokitaung-Todonyang-Lowarengeak-Kalokol road under construction and promised to start work on the road Lodwar road Eliye spring and Lodwar-Kalokol.

In Kakuma, he said plans are under way to connect the city to save electricity for residents of billboards that charge Sh50 per household every day for power brokers.

Feeding is generated by Turkwel Throat from the borders of Turkana County and Western Pokot. The project, launched by President Kenyatta, was valued at Sh1 billion.

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