A Mysterious Mars-Sized Object Could Be Hiding at the Edge of Our Solar System

A Mysterious Mars-Sized Object Could Be Hiding at the Edge of Our Solar System

A Mysterious Mars-Sized Object Could Be Hiding at the Edge of Our Solar System

Comrade Lunar Oral and Planetary Laboratory of the University of Arizona and lead author of the study, said in a statement. “According to our calculations, something as massive as Mars would be needed to make the string we measured.”

While we would all do it on the 10th Planet Battle train, Caltech astronomer Konstantin Batygin, who co-authored a document last year proposing the existence of Planet 9, said he should pump potholes, at least for now.
“At the end of the day, the solar system has some property, so you can find a lot of little things,” he told Gizmodo.

“What [the researchers] speak is not a solid body, so it is possible that an organism similar to March 1 is 100 AU or more? Yes.” While it is important to keep in mind that because the object is small enough, it might not even fit the official definition of a planet, since it must clear its orbit from other objects – in this case, the KBO.

“What problem is this explanation made?” Batygin continued. “This is the problem that has not been observed.”

Batygin explained that Catherine and Pan-starss investigations must have a sensitivity to discover an object the size of Mars somewhere in the Kuiper Belt.

But the quest for a tenth planetary object as small as this in a vast region that the Kuiper belt will probably give a definite answer.

“Of course, no study has been completed,” Batygin said. “You have issues arise all the time and some parts of the sky are lost.

If an object is sitting right in front of the galaxy, one can take only one view that no one notices because many stars in the background [mean] that it is difficult to carry out a meaningful search.

Many people have an opinion about supplements. But when you go to the store to buy one, you expect the amount of active ingredient to be consistent, is not it? Apparently, that does not seem to happen.

Scientists have tested a supplement that is sometimes used to treat high cholesterol called “red yeast rice.” They bought a lot of CNG supplements, Walgreens and other stores, and analyzed the amount of monacolin K, the beneficial chemicals in the pills.

It turned out that the amount of monacolin K in the same size pills varied wildly. All of this comes after regulation of the 2007 Food and Drug Administration’s production of the US supplement.

The author of the study, Pieter Cohen of Harvard University, asked Gizmodo: “Having applied the revised standards, how could it be that the most popular products sold in retail pharmacies and grocery stores are not standardized?

Yes, red yeast rice is an ancient Chinese medicine, and Gizmodo’s coverage is generally hostile to supplements. However, before writing this, monacolin K of red yeast rice is the same ingredient in lovastatin to lower cholesterol, drugs.

But according to the National Institutes of Health, “The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that red yeast rice products containing more than trace amounts of monacolin K are new unapproved drugs and can not be Legally sold as dietary supplements. ”

So people buy to lower their cholesterol levels, but the FDA says it can not be more than a trace of the chemical that lowers cholesterol in the product.

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