7 Facts About beauty services at home in Mumbai That Will Make You Think Twice

7 Facts About beauty services at home in Mumbai That Will Make You Think Twice

The facts about the beauty service at home

The term “home beautician “has been around on the market the system of availing beauty service at home, at work or t a customer’s choice of play away from a beauty salon.

There are various business models in the business “glow up India” service, each with its own benefits and challenges. The aggregator model brings together freelance beautician under one common platform where the consumer appointments are shared with them.

Standardization, quality of product and service, control of operations are challenges presented by this model.

Hygienic  service is important for the parlor service

1)All beauty treatments operators who carry out skin penetration procedures, including waxing, must be registered with the local council.

2)The construction of the premises should meet with local council requirements.

3)The finish on all surfaces within the premises should be made of materials that are easily cleaned.

4)The floor should be non-slip

5)Adequate lighting and good ventilation should be provided

6)Premises must be properly equipped with:

1)A hand wash basin that has a supply of clean, warm, potable water (the hand wash basin should be located in the treatments area)

2)A separate sink that has a supply of clean, warm water for cleaning equipment. (a clani8ng area should be provided and the dirty area (S)should be separated from the clean area)

3)liquid soap (or an alcohol-based hand cleaner)

4)single-use towels or an automatic hand dryer

5)disposable gloves, clean linen and gowns or aprons that are appropriate for the skin procedures carried out at the premises.

6)A waste disposal bin.

Personal hygiene for beauticians

A clean gown and apron and single-use gloves must be worn by the beautician during a skin penetration procedure (does not apply to hair removal using wax unless there is potential for exposure to any human bodily substances during the procedure)

Hand should be washed

Before and after attending a client

Before and after a procedure

After exposure to a body substance

After touching a client’s surroundings and

After the removal of gloves.

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